Take a Sneak Peek at the New Hannibal Season Three Trailer

Cant wait !! So excited!!!


While the third season of cult thriller Hannibal doesn’t appear on our screens until the summer, fans will be pleased to hear that NBC has released a tasty teaser trailer to tide us over until the dapper doctor returns.

The clip shows Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) alive and well having survived Hannibal Lecter’s (Mads Mikkelsen) bloodbath at the end of season two, Variety reports.

Graham is obsessively trying to track Lecter’s whereabouts, embarking on a mission that takes him all over the world, including Florence, Italy.

As well as revisiting a number of characters, expect season three to bring you a slew of fresh faces, including several from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon.


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I think to myself sometimes “What is this world coming to?”, because around the world in some countries
war is breaking out and the tensions are so high between the world that one slip, one wrong move then its GAME OVER! WORLD WAR III. I could be just exaggerating a little bit but who knows I might be right in some ways and some ways i might be wrong but who is to say what the fate of the world, there’s a possibility that it might never happen and in 30 years time,there might be no war, the crime rate in countries may have decline and the world might be functional and not always at each other’s throats. But that’s only my opinion, no one else may not agree on my opinion of the outcome of the world in 20, 30 years from now. I can say no one knows how the world will be in 20, 30 years from now but right now its very hard to perceive how the world will be, but that’s my belief.

January 2015 Movie Preview

Relatively Entertaining

E: I have to be honest: it will be a minor miracle if I see anything this month that actually officially opens in January.  It’s all Oscar for me, this month and next.  Why bother with this slate’s trifling offerings when there’s so much fantastic stuff out there that opened in December and November?

M: I’m unlikely to get to the theater in any given month, but yeah, with things I want to see (Selma, Theory of Everything) and things I feel like I should see (Hobbit, Mockingjay), this month’s openings might not make the list.

C: I mostly agree — heck, like M I’m still hoping to catch some stuff that came out in November, like The Theory of Everything — but it sounds like a few December movies aren’t as urgent as I thought they’d be. Based on the reviews, for instance, Unbroken could…

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The Top 40 Albums of 2014 (20-1)

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs


A few days ago I posted the first 20 in my “Top 40 Albums of 2014” list (check it out here). Below you will find this year’s edition of what I consider the top 20 albums of the year. You’ll find albums from varying genres and possibly a few albums that are new to you. I think it’s important to note what I define as a top caliber album. Great songs are always a plus, but more important to me is the ability of an artist to create a series of songs that tell a story, that convey an overall theme, that complement each other, and that make the listener think differently about the human experience. We are moving into an age where most consumers are more concerned with hit songs, which is why I feel compelled to highlight those musicians that have stayed honest to the age-old art…

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I would just to briefly introduce myself, this happens to be my very first time at creating an online blog.

“It will please some of you to know that I almost titled this article ‘What the hell is wrong with the world?’ it will please the rest of you to know that I realized not everyone spends as much time as I do judging the heck out of the world as I do but I begrudgingly decided against it.”

My business on “The Metropolitan” is that I will post weekly about material in the media throughout the week, and my opinions on things in the media, So please if you have any feedback you have, please email me at kurt.lake889@gmail.com. Any feedback is encouraged and very appreciated.